Love The Results from my Knee T-Shellz Wrap (Review)

July 27, 2019

Osteoarthritis was no match for the Knee T-Shellz Wrap as Teresa wrote...

"I have been in so much pain because of osteoarthritis in my knee also had laparoscopic surgery for a very badly torn meniscus. Long story short, being my own advocate, I was researching therapies for relief and low and behold I came across MendMeShop. I ordered your knee T-Shellz wrap and it's absolutely amazing major reduction in pain gained mobility. I have recommended your products to some of my friends who intend to order your products. Thank you not only for the product but the information you put on your pages. I will be ordering the shoulder wrap, but because I'm on a fixed income, I will have to wait a month or so. You're an exceptional company. I will continue to praise your company and products to anyone who could benefit from your services."


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