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Campfire Dreams Soap - Handmade - Rustic Scent - Vegan


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A vegetarian, luxurious, handmade soap

Made in the USA


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Campfire Dreams Soap - Moko Rasa

This wildly rustic and fragrant soap has many beneficial qualities as well as being incredibly nostalgic for balmy summer nights. For those who love the outdoors, who hanker for summer evenings and sundowners and who love sitting by their loved ones around the fire.

The soap is definitely very unique. The smell is amazingly accurate so lovers of campfires will find it fascinating but it certainly is a strong odour!

This unique bar of soap, Campfire Dreams is worth a try if you enjoy the outdoor life and ESPECIALLY if you are missing camping.


Saponified organic olive oil

Organic coconut oil

Organic flaxseed oil

Organic shea butter

Essential oil of cedar

Essential oil of cade

Activated charcoal

Organic calendula.

Organic flaxseed

This is yet another great ingredient for soaps and a super dooper moisturizer. Full of proteins and fatty acids, Flaxseed oil can help the skin to look brighter and smoother.

Organic Coconut oil

Coconut oil is such a great oil for use in soaps being rich in fatty acids. It cleanses and well as strengthens the skin. It also makes a great lather!

Organic Shea butter

This wonderful ingredient has so many great qualities and smells incredible. Has been used historically as a powerful moisturizer and can actively soften and strengthen the skin. Shea is helpful in treating sunburn, insect bites, skin allergies, frostbite and eczema. Shea butter may promote collagen production which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also great for pregnant and breast feeding mothers in helping reduce stretch marks and for sore nipples

Essential oil of Cedar

This oil can soothe dryness, irritation and red or sore skin. It can help relieve symptoms such a cracked skin. Cedar essential oil protects the skin against environmental toxins and pollutants. It has many other benefits including helping to reduce the signs of aging, many anti bacterial properties and can help eliminate nasty odors.

Essentia. Oil of Cade:

Cade oil comes from a type of Juniper Bush found in the Mediterranean. The oil is extracted from the wood and used for a variety of things. It is thought to be antiseptic with disinfecting properties. Cade oil can help relieve itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis and parasitic skin conditions. It is also a powerful tool at combating germs and possibly helps combat dandruff.

Organic Calendula:

Calendula has many benefits and can be extremely soothing, especially sensitive skin. Calendula is great for soothing eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin and insect bites. It can also be anti inflammatory and anti bacterial.

Activated Charcoal

Helps to cleanse the skin, unclog pores, remove impurities, and dead skin.

Saponification is the official name for “soap-making” and describes the chemical reaction that takes place when you mix oils (triglycerides) and water with a strong alkali (naturally occurring potassium hydroxide - also called lye) or sodium under heat. This produces glycerol and a fatty acid salt (soap).

To maintain the integrity of your soap, remember to keep it dry in between washes. It will last longer and stay fresh and clean

Try to keep it out of your eyes and don’t eat it (of course)

Our soaps are hand made in Texas!