Sesamoid T-Shellz Wrap

  • The Sesamoid TShellz Wrap®: Versatile & Effective!

    What makes the Sesamoid T Shellz Wrap unique is the fact you can re-position the wrap over multiple areas of the foot for very specific coverage of soft tissue ailments. Allows coverage over the toes, ball of the foot, top or bottom of the foot, along with the sides of the ankle. Simply position the energy pad over the part of the foot or ankle you want to target; then simply secure the velcro straps accordingly.

    Biomechanics play a major role in foot conditions, and have a device like the Sesamoid T Shellz Wrap allows you to address these overcompensation issues. Pain in one area of the foot causes you to shift weight from that specific spot. As a result, other areas of the foot will bear more stress and will begin to experience discomfort, requiring these new areas to be treated as well. With the Sesamoid T Shellz Wrap, you now have the ability to address all these factors.

    SIZE: The Sesamoid T Shellz fits a circumference of up to 19 inches and is completely adjustable with the velcro straps.

    We guarantee Your Satisfaction with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    The T-Shellz Wrap is based on Electromagnetic Energy - an energy found to be very beneficial during the healing process. This form of energy is designed specifically to penetrate into deep tissue where much of the energy is converted to heat. This is why we refer to the Tshellz Wrap as a "deep heat" device. Deep heat serves as a catalyst for soft tissue healing.

Targeted treatment of soft tissue toe, ball of foot, ankle, hand and wrist injuries.

It can be used before exercise to warm up the area to reduce the risk of injury (heat elongates soft tissue and makes it more flexible)

FDA Registered medical device for use in home or clinics - very high quality

Increases temporary flexibility and length of soft tissue in the knee (reducing the re-injury factor)

Carbon fiber Energy Pad is strong, lightweight, and flexible - contours very easily around the knee.

The TShellz Wrap provides deep heat, which the body responds to by increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow enhances the healing rate - saving time and money when associated with extended doctor or physical therapist visits

The TShellz Wrap is an outstanding tool for post-surgery rehabilitation, getting you back to work faster

1. T-Shellz Wraps consist of a very soft neoprene that feels very comforting on the body. It hugs the body in a very serene way. You will love how it feels! 
2. The T-Shellz energy pad produces a consistent and soothing electromagnetic energy that penetrates deep into the body, targeting dense tissue such as muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and more.
3. The T-Shellz Wrap produces a conversion energy that targets soft tissue deep within your body. You will receive an almost instant feeling of comfort and warmth while your injured tissues feel more relaxed and limber. As much of the energy in deep tissue is released as heat, your body will respond to this heat by increasing the amount of blood flow in the area - this increased blood flow, in most cases, will provide your body with an advanced capacity for rebuilding injured soft tissue.
4. The T-Shellz Wrap has an intensity controller that is already secured to the energy pad. 
5. T-Shellz Wraps are tested during the production process to ensure you receive a product that functions well and will last a long time.
6. The T-Shellz Wrap is a medical device that is registered with the FDA.