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BOHO Shampoo Bar - Luxurious, Handmade - Vegan - Use on Hair and Body - 4oz


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A vegetarian, luxurious, handmade shampoo bar 

Made in the USA


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BOHO SHAMPOO BAR - a vegetarian, luxurious handmade shampoo bar by MOKO RASA

This is a fantastic organic shampoo bar with Patchouli, Goats Milk, Rosemary, Clay & Charcoal.

The rosemary & patchouli will soften and smooth your hair. Activated charcoal and multani mitti clay help absorb oils.

This shampoo bar will leave your hair fresh and clean and can also be used on your body! Unlike most liquid shampoos, the BOHO bar contains no harsh detergents.


Saponified organic oil [coconut, olive, flaxseed]
Organic Shea butter
Frest goats milk
Essential oils of organic Patchouli and organic Rosemary
Multani Mitti Clay,
Activated chacoal

Though often not talked about, there is a growing number of people that suffer from skin irritation; the level of irritation can be mild for most, though it has become quite severe for many.

What most people don't realize is that dyes, colorants and perfumes run rampant in the soap and makeup industry. If you are suffering from irritated skin, consider looking into high probability sources such as laundry detergent, fabric softeners, make-up, shampoo and body soap.

As an example, I use less laundry detergent in my clothes while using an extra rinse cycle (to wash out as much soap from my clothes as possible). Further to this, I no longer use any form of fabric softener as I have personally found that it is a major irritant for my skin.

I have found that nearly all commercially available bar soaps irritate my skin and for this reason I have decided to list MOKO RASA soaps on my shop.

Moko Rasa soap is real soap - a soap with real ingredients, not cheap chemically manufactured ingredients that imitate the experience that real soap provides.

Raw Goats Milk is a fantastic ingredient that is both nourishing, replenishing and moisturizing as well as being full of vitamins and essential minerals which can help kill off nasty bacteria on the skin. Oh and it makes for a GREAT lather.

Essential Oil of Organic Patchouli is included to cleanse oily hair and treat dandruff. You will find the patchouli scent enhances the sense of relaxation while easing stress and anxiety.

Essential Oil of Organic Rosemary is included as it is thought to inprove hair thickness and growth.

Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) Clay: comes from decomposed volcanic ash. This clay was used in some of the worlds earliest facemasks! Multani Mitti Clay is not only believed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, but is also an ingredient that will help clean skin pores, remove impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Activated Charcoal helps to cleanse the skin and unclog pores. It is often used as a cleanser ingredient to help remove impurities and dead skin.

Saponification is the official name for “soap-making” and describes the chemical reaction that takes place when you mix oils (triglycerides) and water with a strong alkali (naturally occurring potassium hydroxide - also called lye) or sodium under heat. This produces glycerol and a fatty acid salt (soap).