5 products

5 products

Relieve pain and inflammation - quickly and easily!

Using one of the many MendMeShop pain relief creams or rubs is much more convienent in comparison to placing a hard pack of ice on your injured area.

Our pain relieiving products can be used in between T Shellz Wrap applications.

Or, use them after a run or a long walk at night.

Perhaps use them after a round of golf or a strenuous day on the tennis courts.

Maybe you have a job that places a lot of demands on the body. After a long day at work, nothing is more soothing than applying a topical cream on the body to soothe those sore and aching muscles.

As with all our products, the MendMeShop line of pain creams and rubs is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not happy with the result, simply contact us and we will arrange for a full refund.

How is that for confidence!