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2 products

People love the T-Shellz Wraps, as judging by the numerous positive comments, reviews, and testimonials we receive or them.

Introduced by MendMeShop a number of years ago, the T-Shellz Wraps are intended to provide many benefits.

First and foremost, the T-Shellz is intended to dilate blood vessels. This can result in enhanced circulation to painful and stiff tissues surrounding the injured area.

The T-Shellz Wrap is also intended to provide relief for various joint pains, to enhance the flexibility of tissues, to help address tissue spasm, and to help with various chronic aches and pains associated with any number of conditions.

The T-Shellz Wrap can be used in conjunction with many other options such as cold, application of topical pain relievers, active movements, and more.

In addition, the T Shellz can be incorporated into postoperative programs and used prior to procedures as well, all based on the advice of your doctor.