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Using the Back-Hip T Shellz on Multiple Areas

"I love the Back-Hip T Shellz unit! It has helped my hip area and helps with my low back as well. I alternate treating those areas each time I use the device. I got my hip to calm down thanks to the T-Shellz. I highly recommend this product!" Diane from Wisconsin

Optimistic The Achilles T-Shellz Will Help

"I believe it's beginning to have some positive effect on my Achilles. I've been using it regularly two times a day and when I can three times a day. Some of the swelling has gone down. I felt the pain when walking, but now, I feel like it's less than before. My tendon has been injured for a while so it may take quite some time to be fully functional." Pamela from Colorado

T-Shellz Wrap Helping With My Knee

"I have been using the Knee T-Shellz wrap for almost 3 weeks I believe and I am starting to notice a decrease in pain. I have been suffering with pes bursitis, tendonitis and chondromalacia of both knees for the last 5 months. I am encouraged by the improvements since starting the T Shellz. I have been coupling the wrap with other treatments as well." Nicole from Florida

Shoulder T Shellz Helping To Heal Following A Car Accident

"I bought the Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap for my wife who developed bursitis in both shoulders over the past year about 6 months after a bad auto collision. She has been hit by drivers two other times over the years and the last time, she was broadsided by a commercial semi truck. Over the past year she has developed chronic neck pain and the doctors say she has now begun developing arthritis in neck and bursitis in both shoulder areas from the auto accidents. She has been using the Shoulder T-Shellz Wrap for 11 days now. She has actually begun to see results already. The inflammation seems to be lessening as she clearly has more range of motion now than 10 days ago. She was to the point that she could not even reach behind her head to put her hair up nor hold her arms up to style her hair or even wash it in the shower. Picking up anything more than 8 ounces or so or extending her arm out to reach for something caused pain she said feels like a hot knife in her shoulder area. She can now wash her hair and do her hair on her own with minimal discomfort and no stabbing pains. So far this product has worked so much better for her reduction in pain and mobility than any other product she tried. She is looking forward to more improvement over the coming weeks. She uses the wrap on level 2 now, two times a day on each arm and hopes to be up to three times a day in another week or so. You have a very satisfied customer in my wife. For the first time in more than a year we feel there is finally hope for some normality in her life with the pain beginning to diminish. We've even made a reservation to go camping next week for the first time since the pain developed. Thank you for making such a wonderful product." Mark from Oregon

Will Recommend The Leg T Shellz Wrap To My Running Club

"I want to let you know that I am very happy with the Leg-Arm T Shellz wrap. As a distance runner for more than 40 years, I have sustained several hamstring injuries. Over the years I have tried different methods of recovery. None has been of more benefit than the T-Shellz Wrap. In just a few weeks I have had significant improvement. As the founder and president of the local running club, I will be recommending the product to our runners. I am very appreciative of the MenMeShop, thank you." Dave from Washington

The Leg T Shellz Is Helping

"I love the Leg T Shellz wrap. Using it for bursitis around the knee area from an injury that was sustained from falling off my bike. I have been using the device for almost two weeks now and I am seeing some resolution of the bursitis. The R.I.C.E. protocol and the T-Shellz are working! Thank you so much." Carol from North Carolina

The T Shellz Is Helping With My Wife's Mobility

"My wife seems to show some progress after several weeks of treatments. She does it twice almost every day and it looks like it helps her walk more and longer distances without having to stop every 20 meters. She is very upbeat about your program and glad that I found you. Let's see how it goes after another few weeks." Herbert from Arizona

Relief Noticed In Just One Week - Thank To The Achilles T Shellz

"So far so good! I noticed relief within a week of using T Shellz for my ankle. I tore my Achilles tendon 5 years ago and have had chronic pain since then, nothing had helped until now." Marianne from Pennsylvania

Knee T Shellz Wrap Very Helpful For My Injury

"I injured my knee while walking the mountains in California the summer of 2019. I ordered the Knee T Shellz Pad. I didn't know if it would work to repair my damaged muscle, but after reading the information on the website, I believe it would be beneficial to try. I used it for 3 months 3 times a day, and after 3 months the pain and swelling went away. The result was amazing. I would recommend using the Knee T Shellz Pad before ever thinking about surgery." Rebecca from Ohio

What A Great Product This T Shellz Wrap Is

"The Knee T Shellz Wrap is a fabulous product. Great heat and adjustable in size for indicated body joints. Very helpful and good for positive emotional feelings related to pain reduction!" Cornelius from Washington D.C.


Feeling Much Better Thanks To The T Shellz Wraps

"They (Elbow T Shellz and Back-Hip T Shellz Wraps) are definitely helping! I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m feeling a LOT better and intend to keep it up. Thank you!" Tanya from Minnesota

Healing and Continuing on With My Work

"I damaged my right shoulder doing some work around my house. I don't like going to doctors so some research followed as to what could be done. Your Shoulder T Shellz product came up and the purchase was made. After 2 days of use my right arm went from being very painful to move and I was not able to sleep at all in a prone position. With several treatments for 3 days my mobility has returned and the pain has subsided. Currently I am able to work like normal. Continuing to use the product seems like it will provide me with the opportunity to heal and simply carry on." Steve from Washington

Truly Amazing Results With Knee T Shellz

"I am doing wonderful , it is truly amazing the results I have had with this Knee T Shellz Wrap. The knee is practically back to normal and as I told you before this has been an ongoing problem for almost 2 years. That area was swollen and painful and is now almost the same as my other knee. I am so happy. I am using it in combo with a massager and I can already see a great change." Patricia from Kentucky

Back On The Golf Course Thanks To The Knee T Shellz

"I have been very happy with this Knee T Shellz Wrap purchase. You all were very prompt on delivery to me and I was able to take it on a week long trip with me which helped tremendously. I am at the point now where I can have it at top level (3) and it seems to be helping me quite a bit. I had sprained a ligament that is tied to my IT Band but that has caused tremendous discomfort in both of my knees so I have been using it primarily on my knees. Occasionally, I will use it over the IT band area as well. Golf is my passion and I, due to this injury, have been missing out on a lot of golf opportunities. I am looking forward to going out this afternoon thanks to using your product! I hope to be back to golfing full time very soon. Right now on a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, I would rank at about an 8!" Nick from Kansas

Amazing Results After 6 Week With The Achilles T Shellz

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know that my Achilles tendonitis is much, much better. I am so thankful I tried your product. I am able to get through my daily walks with less discomfort and am improving daily. I went through 6 weeks of PT with minimal improvement. After 6 weeks of using your product, the results are amazing. I will recommend your product whole heartedly! Thank you, thank you!" Shana from Michigan

Helping Ease Hip Pain

"Thank you for reaching out. I am using the Back Hip T Shellz for hip bursitis and so far I have gotten some relief to help me sleep. The treatment has continued to help with inflammation and pain management." Jeanne from Pennsylvania

Extremely Pleased How Much The T Shellz Helped My Achilles Area

"I'm Maria, daughter of Eva, who ordered for me your T-shellz for my Achilles tendonitis. I've been extremely pleased with results after just a few days, and more importantly, appreciate your exceptional customer service and kindly follow up. It restores my faith in humanity that your motive is more than mere profit. Keep up the great work! I have recommended your product to my sister who suffers also from the same condition." Maria from Iowa

The Wrist T Shellz Wrap Has Restored My Lifestyle

"When I first got my T-Shellz Wrap both of my wrists were hurting. I broke my left wrist several years ago and have struggled with tendinitis and carpal tunnel as a result of the injury. My other hand has some arthritis that has recently become painful. I use a combination of ice to reduce swelling, stretching and range of motion exercises, and the T shellz wrap. The pain is gone and I have returned to my normal activity level, which is very high. We recently scraped and painted a large property fence and I garden extensively. I am very happy with my wrap! The results have restored my lifestyle!" Christine from Ohio

The T Shellz Wraps Work Amazingly!

"I posted on a a social media platform how bad my knee was. I need a Knee replacement but I refuse to do it . A friend messaged me and said to give this a try. You can return in 60 days if it doesn’t work. I ordered it and I can’t believe it worked. My back also went out and I am using the Back Hip T shellz wrap for that area now. I had a MRI because doctor thought it was arthritis but it came back that I have fractures on both sacral areas and a torn hamstring. It’s working. Thank You!!! I called and they answered all my questions and then some. Fantastic company." Barbara from Florida

Shoulder T Shellz Wrap Really Does Help

"I had a tear in the supraspinatus tendon on my left shoulder and I did active movements. I also took time off from sports and daily activities, but I wasn't seeing a lot of progression. I did some deep research on the internet and I ran into this product. At the beginning I wasn't seeing a lot of results, but I'm glad I did buy this Shoulder T Shellz Wrap. It definitely helped me to get through the injury! It wasn't easy but I did it." Luis from Wisconsin

When I Use My T Shellz Consistently, The Elbow Pain Stays Away

"I have had success with my Elbow T-shellz wrap. I believe I have tennis elbow resulting from 35+ years of computer work. I had stopped using it for a few days and the pain became worse. So, I will definitely start using it again, as it did relieve the pain for me." Brenda from South Carolina

Fantastic results so far with the Wrist T Shellz Wrap

"I have been dealing with De Quervains and this T-Shellz wrap has helped immensely! I use it after work and in the morning with my coffee!" Karen from Ohio

The T Shellz Provides Relief While Waiting For Hip Replacement

"My wife Teresa has a hip that needs to be replaced. We purchased the wrap for the relief it promised to provide, not that we expected it to be a cure in her case. Thankfully, it does provide extra comfort while she waits for her procedure. Thank you for your product and thank you for your inquiry of how we are doing with it!" Stephen from Oregon

Helping After 30 Years of Stress on My Wrist and Hands

"I am definitely noticing a difference. I have done approximately 5 treatments and not only use it on my hand and wrist, but also on my forearm close to my elbow. I am in the Orthodontic field and was chairside for 30+ yrs and now work on the technology side of orthodontics on my laptop. From one extreme to the next with using hand instruments to now controlling a mouse. The treatments are helping and I can’t wait to see if it totally relieves my pain to where I will not have to seek medical attention for it!" Tammy from Texas

The Back Hip T Shellz Is An Important Part Of My Recovery

"Love the Back Hip T Shellz so far. Feeling better. I am doing multiple things to calm the situation down, so can't tell the direct impact. But again, certainly better. Love the size and it is flexible enough to apply directly to discomforted areas." Jean From Ohio

I See Major Improvement For My Achilles - T Shellz Review

"I received the Achilles T Shellz on April 23. Works real well and I see major improvement. Still have a little of the tendon issue left. I walked a lot yesterday and used the device this morning - the tendon feels good now." Maurice from Vermont

T Shellz Wrap Helped Me Overcome My Knee Issues

"I have been using the wrap on my right knee for bursitis pain for about 10 days now. I really feel I have received benefits already! The wrap is easy to put on quickly and since most of my day right now is working from home sitting at a computer I can use it several times a day. I like to wear it for 30 minutes before bedtime because my knee has always been the most painful during the night and especially getting up in the morning. I really know without the T-Shellz wrap I would be much worse. I'm even planning a bike ride this morning. I'm also playing golf on Friday and I would not even entertain that activity without this purchase! I wish I could remember the gentleman's name who answered many questions for me before my purchase at Mendmeshop, but he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with the detailed online information about this product, your company has done your extensive research! I have a friend who suffers with frozen shoulder so thinking about your shoulder wrap for her. Thank you for helping me and caring." Tomm from California

I Am Over 65 and I Am Thrilled With the Shoulder T Shellz

"I am thrilled with the treatments so far. The inflammation was reduced considerably by the end of the second day. I had overdone it in the garden and canning over a period of a few days and could hardly move my right arm. I used ice and a sling for a couple of days while I waited for your product to arrive. By the end of the first day I could feel some relief but by the end of the second day of use I could tell that most of the inflammation was gone or going, I knew that my money was well spent. I am a 65+ year old woman who has pushed through and done a lot of canning and gardening etc. for many years. Knowing that I can get relief without having to spend money on a doctor is great. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to others." Mary Jo from Utah

Feeling Much Better After Only One Week

"I am very happy with my purchase. My ankle and foot already feel better after one week of use. In fact, I plan on ordering the shoulder wrap for my husband." Carrie from Washington

When I Use My T Shellz Consistently, The Pain Stays Away

"I have had success with my Elbow T-shellz wrap. I believe I have tennis elbow resulting from 35+ years of computer work. I had stopped using it for a few days and the pain became worse. So, I will definitely start using it again, as it did relieve the pain for me." Brenda from South Carolina

Big Improvement In Just 5 Days For My Injury - Knee T Shellz Review

"After receiving my MendMyKnee T-Shellz Wrap, I used it right away for a bad ligament next to my knee cap. I could hardly put any weight on it. On the 5th day I didn't need any at all. I truly was amazed. I will be recommending this wonderful technology to anyone who is in pain. Thanks so much for this Fabulous Invention." Linda from California.

My Sciatica Is Now Symptom Free - Back Hip T Shellz Review

"My T-Shellz Wrap (Back & Hip) works just like a MIRACLE !!! Within ONE week from the First treatment, I have been symptom-free of Sciatica pain. I really LOVE your company, products & customer service, often recommending MendMeShop to friends, co-workers & even people I hardly know, but who happen to tell me they have unrelieved pain in their ligaments, muscles, nerves, or tendons that no doctor has been able to alleviate -- Those who take my advice & buy one of your T-Shellz have always reported ongoing satisfaction, and express sincere appreciation to me. I also own an Achilles/Ankle heat-wrap from Mend Me Shop that keeps me tendinitis-free too!" Carol from Wyoming

Chronic Pain Relieved With Knee T Shellz Wrap

"It has been almost 3 weeks since I have started using the Knee T Shellz energy wrap. I can say I have found relief from the chronic pain I was experiencing. Hopefully this trend will continue as I keep using it. Thank you for your product, it has been a godsend!" Victoria from Maryland

Both my Physical Therapist and Orthopaedic Surgeon were Impressed with the Shoulder T Shellz Wrap

"I have shown your product to both my physical therapist and Orthopaedic surgeon, of which both were impressed. The fact that your product is FDA registered carries a lot of weight of legitimacy in a world where many health products make impressive claims but can’t back them up. I will continue spreading the news to those who are in need. You got a wonderful product. Keep up the great work and let your staff know they are appreciated." Thomas from New Jersey

No Longer Need To Contemplate Surgery On My Other Shoulder

"I have been using the shoulder T Shellz for a week now 3 times per day (started level 2 two days ago). I am about 95% better!! I am totally thrilled that I can sleep at night and move through my day virtually pain free! I had major surgery 6 weeks ago for a different issue and the thought of possibly having to have rotator cuff surgery in the near future was more than I could bear. Thank you so much for this brilliant wrap. I will tell everyone about it!!" Mary Lou from New Jersey

Very Positive Experience With Achilles T Shellz - My Review

"Very positive results so far with pain totally gone. If it continues I will be more than satisfied." Ron from St Paul, MN

Shoulder T Shellz Review: Much Better Range Of Motion and Less Sleep Pains

"I am extremely happy with this purchase of the Shoulder T Shellz Wrap! I could tell a major difference in 3 days. I was finally able to start sleeping most of the night without pain, which is a very big deal to me. I have gained some of my range of motion back too. I have been hurting the past couple of days, but that's my fault because I overdid it with activities due to feeling so much better & forgetting I still need time to heal. Thank you for the great product & I highly recommend it!" Tonja from South Carolina

Enhancing The Process - Shoulder T Shellz Review

"I finally bought my T-Shellz shoulder wrap 2 weeks following surgery to repair “complete tear of the Supraspinatus tendon” in my right shoulder. After 3 weeks of using the wrap I knew I was NOT sending it back. My recovery was unusually fast and today, 15 months following surgery, I have no limitations or pain in my right shoulder at all. I play pickle ball 4 days a week and I’m going to be 78 in April." Don from Florida

Elbow T Shellz Helped Me Back to the Golf Course

"I hurt my left elbow swinging violently on the first tee on Dec 2, 2019 without warm up. I only made it 6 more holes before giving up with considerable pain. So I stopped playing and went to a chiropractor a few days later and started active movements. After a few weeks and several more sessions I decided to try golf again on Jan 1, 2020. Started OK but before long the pain came back and I gave up again and started to investigate alternative treatment methods. Given my skepticism of paying for "help"" for such a steep price, I decided to try the T-Shellz after reading the information I researched on the web about it. It was a very good decision and money well spent. I started golf again last week and have played twice now pain free." Ron from California

Feels Wonderful on My Frozen Shoulder

"I’ve been using the Shoulder T Shellz wrap for over a week on my frozen shoulder. I use it 2 times a day, sometimes three if I can fit in another session. It feels wonderful when it’s on and seems to be providing some relief. I know it’s early yet, but I do feel as if I have a bit more range of motion. If anything else, that small increase to my range of motion has helped with my other exercises and stretches for my shoulder. I look forward to continuing my sessions and seeing even more improvement." Cindy from California

Chronic Achilles Pain is Being Helped With Achilles TShellz Wrap

"I have chronic Achilles tendinitis. The pain so so severe 24/7 I could hardly walk. I quit going places because of it. Found your website and ordered thinking I had nothing to lose. After only three days I’m walking without a cane and smiling and going places again. Thank you !!" Carolyn from Knoxville, TN

Hips and Back Feel Alot Better

"So far, I am finding some nice changes to my hips and lower back. It happened so quickly, I was afraid to say it was coming from your product. Then a friend of mine with a really bad back tried mine, and after the first half hour couldn’t believe how much better his back felt. I don’t think I will be returning mine. In fact, I may buy a second one for convenience. Thank you for such a great product." Andrea from Pennsylvania

Very Impressive Results With the Back-Hip T Shellz

"Truly, I’ve already shared my results directly this week with two friends who’ve been struggling with chronic pain. I believe the most impressive results to date, are a full stop to the mind/body spiral I was feeling for the first time in my life. After a life of consistent physical activity (daughter of a building contractor with much on site experience, former water fitness and yoga instructor), my relentless hip pain due to bursitis, demanded an assessment of any task. I’d adopted a mind set of, “If I do this, will my hip pain keep me awake tonight”? No amount of stretching seemed to help. Most frustrating was this inability to “get at” the pain, even with massage or adjustment. The pain had advanced to the point last November, that I returned to my orthopedist to rule out hip arthritis or the potential need for a hip replacement. While I was somewhat encouraged to reconfirm it was bursitis, I was not interested in the long term side effects of having the inflamed bursa removed. My deep research on bursitis led me to your website. I was impressed with your site’s thorough analysis on bursitis and kept reading. The T-Shellz mechanics reminded me of treatments I’d been given by a physical therapist in 2018 and so I chose to try the T-Shellz hip/lower back wrap. Words fall short in describing the overall relief I’m experiencing now, having regained control over my hip pain, allowing me to escape the previous “fear of activity spiral”. Just cleaned my home Sunday, treated at bedtime and again, upon waking and absolutely no hip pain Monday. Took a long walk with some steep grades on Tuesday, with no discomfort. So many products promise results. To find one that actually delivers has inspired me to return to full activity." Susan from Kentucky

My Hip Is So Much Better, I Can Soon Begin Marathon Training

"I have only positive thoughts about the T Shellz Wrap! I actually am still using the T Shellz wrap, mostly everyday, though I have skipped a couple. I am totally amazed, because I have been making it a point not run or jump since my injury, because it hurt. However, the other night, because my hip was not hurting, I forgot and ran across the street. But hurray, it did not hurt even to run. Running is just automatic for me, it has been all my life. I am am not yet intentionally running, I do want to make sure healing is complete first. I appreciate you reinforcing that I should continue treatment. I have always been so blessed with good health. On Thursday, I will be 75 as soon as I'm sure my hip is ok, I will begin training for my 17th half marathon. I only do one a year, as I didn't start until I was 59." Joanie from Ohio

Reducing Pain While Helping My Spouse Gain Mobility - Review Hip T Shellz

"We started using the T Shellz wrap and seen immediate results. We were beginning to think there was no help out there for the pain my wife was going through. Once I found your website and read all the information posted there my thoughts were we must try this. So thankful we did. The orthopedic doctor we seen did acknowledge this was indeed most likely tendonitis after an MRI. The recommendation was active movements which did not help at all. Again so thankful. She is gaining mobility daily and is pain free." Bill from West Virginia.

Achilles T Shellz Providing Nice Results

"So far, I have experienced noticeable relief and continue to use 2 or 3 times / day for Achilles Tendonosis. This has been a long struggle, and the wrap now seems to be finally helping a return towards normal. Based on my preliminary results, my wife purchased one for her shoulder. She is still recovering from rotator cuff surgery earlier this year." Mr Gibson from California


Things Are Going Well With The Knee T Shellz Wrap

"The treatments with the Knee T Shellz Wrap are going well. A great deal of my pain was resolved. There is still a little soreness to my knee but I can definitely resume most of my regular activities." Susan from Massachusetts

Lots of Relief From My Chronic Pain - Back Hip T Shellz Review

"For the past 3 years I have been plagued with severe pain radiating down my sciatic nerve, front thigh and hip joint. Last Christmas I was on a walker as the pain was so severe. This past summer I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon who said I needed a complete hip replacement as I have a bone spur on the femur.? This also prevented me from golfing (a passion of mine) and from walking my dogs properly. Since using the wrap for the past 10 days I am in far less pain and am up to the third level 3-4 times a day. I will continue faithfully as I do three areas each day, Piriformis muscle at the back, my front thigh and sciatic regions." Erica from California

Achilles Area Is Improving

"I like and would recommend your T Shellz Energy Wrap. My Achilles tendon tear is improving. The T shellz wrap along with active movements are in use. I’m a 75 year old competitive tennis player that has been suffering for about six months. The last 6+ weeks have been total rest and active movements." Al from California

Achilles T Shellz Providing Nice Results

"So far, I have experienced noticeable relief and continue to use 2 or 3 times / day for Achilles Tendonosis. This has been a long struggle, and the wrap now seems to be finally helping a return towards normal. Based on my preliminary results, my wife purchased one for her shoulder. She is still recovering from rotator cuff surgery earlier this year." Mr Gibson from California

Things Are Going Well With The Knee T Shellz Wrap

"The treatments with the Knee T Shellz Wrap are going well. A great deal of my pain was resolved. There is still a little soreness to my knee but I can definitely resume most of my regular activities." Susan from Massachusetts

Lots of Relief From My Chronic Pain - Back Hip T Shellz Review

"For the past 3 years I have been plagued with severe pain radiating down my sciatic nerve, front thigh and hip joint. Last Christmas I was on a walker as the pain was so severe. This past summer I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon who said I needed a complete hip replacement as I have a bone spur on the femur.? This also prevented me from golfing (a passion of mine) and from walking my dogs properly. Since using the wrap for the past 10 days I am in far less pain and am up to the third level 3-4 times a day. I will continue faithfully as I do three areas each day, Piriformis muscle at the back, my front thigh and sciatic regions." Erica from California

Achilles Area Is Improving

"I like and would recommend your T Shellz Energy Wrap. My Achilles tendon tear is improving. The T shellz wrap along with active movements are in use. I’m a 75 year old competitive tennis player that has been suffering for about six months. The last 6+ weeks have been total rest and active movements." Al from California

Knee T Shellz Wrap, So Far So Good

"So far so good. I have been doing treatments for just over a week and My condition is improving. The wrap is functioning well and I believe it is helping. I will keep with it for that 4 to 6 week period you have suggested."
James from Washington

Amazed My Hip Pain Went Away So Quickly

"I am amazed. Pain in my hip is relieved! I used it twice a day while watching tv for 10-15 mins each time. After about 3 days, the pain is gone! I have been able to sleep pain free for about the last week as well. I also wrapped the device around my knee, which was sore. The pain there is gone too. I am continuing its use in the evenings on my hip to get as much relief as possible." Laverne from Louisiana

Knee T Shellz Is Very Helpful

"I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve had prepatellar knee bursitis for a year now. I tried several treatment options and none of them worked. Your T-shellz knee wrap has completely healed my knee in 2 weeks. I am so thankful." Nick from Minnesota

Shoulder T Shellz Resulted in a Reduction Of Pain - My Review

"I’m using the Shoulder T Shellz Wrap 3 times a day and using the Arnica Infusion cream. Working it (the shoulder) as little as I can and applying ice if necessary. The constant pain has gone down a lot. I’m looking forward to total healing. Thanks!" Lillian from Texas

Fast Results With The T-Shellz Achilles Device

"I've been suffering from inflammation of my Achilles. I started using your wrap the evening it arrived and have continued to use it 2-3 times daily. Not only did my Achilles pain subside almost immediately, but I've been using it on my reconstructed knee with wonderful results. I have told numerous friends of benefits of your wraps. Thank you for a fabulous product. I plan to purchase wraps for family members this Christmas!" Donna from New Jersey

Pain In My Hip Is Subsiding

"So far so good! The bursitis in my hip flexors has subsided. I’ve been using the treatments 2 or 3 times a day I really feel that it’s part of the reason that the pain and inflammation has subsided. I really love the Arnica gel too! It really works! As soon as I rub it in, the pain level goes down as if I had put an ice pack on. I’m really pleased with the results. I was on the verge of getting another round of trigger point shots when I received your device. When I went to my pain doctor for my regular monthly appointment he asked me if I wanted another set of shots, but I told him I wanted to hold off and try the Back-Hip T Shellz device this month and see what happens. Glad I did! Turns out I didn’t need the shots! I woke up this morning without the usual hip pain. I’m going to continue using the T Shellz Wrap a couple of times a day." Brenda from Texas

Knee T Shellz Review - Effective and Durable

"My knee T Shellz is a wonderful item. The velcro fasteners allow for repositioning around my knee which is added benefit for my or any situation. The variable energy selection brings the proper temperature to the soft tissue need. Long story short, the wrap stimulates the healing process to the 'best' degree. I am certainly a satisfied customer. The construction and element of the wrap look to be reliable for a long time. Thank You MendMeShop." Greg from Washington

Shoulder T Shellz Wrap Review - I Was Skeptical, But Not Anymore

"Initially, I was a little hesitant to purchase the Shoulder T Shellz. I begin using it on a regular basis in between my sessions for my shoulder. When I exercise I use cold compress for 20 minutes. During other times when relaxing I use the T Shellz wrap. It works for me and it is the right thing for my shoulder. I believe in the cold-Hot treatment for healing muscles and ligaments. Thanks for a great product. I have recommended it to several other friends." Edward from Arizona

We Are Impressed With The Achilles T Shellz and Your Service

"Let me start out by telling you how impressed my husband and I are that you have reached out to us regarding your product. I bought it for him, due to severe inflammation of his Achilles tendon. Since using the T Shellz Wrap, icing and continuing the shots he is starting to get relief. He is extremely happy with my purchase of the T Shellz Wrap. He uses it religiously. Thank you again for reaching out." Monique from Florida

Another Spouse Who Is Benefting From The Knee T Shellz Wrap

"The Knee T Shellz Wrap was for my husband. He is happy with it and it helping his knee." Monique from California

Helping Greatly With My Chronic Tendon Pain

"I am using the Back-Hip T Shellz Energy Wrap about 3 times per day, and am seeing progress already. I have been diagnosed with tendinitis in the attachment of the gluteus medius, and the electrical current seems to be shifting what has been a chronic condition for the last few years. I am very happy to report that news, as I had grown resigned to the possibility of living with chronic pain. Now I have more hope, and will of course continue to use the Back-Hip T Shellz Energy Wrap as well as continue with rehab exercises and careful posture when I work. I’ll be happy to give another report when a few more weeks have elapsed, and am so grateful you offer this alternative. Thank you!" Elayne from Texas

I Tell Everybody About Your Company - Love My Shoulder T Shellz Wrap

"I gotta tell you, I'm a happy customer. So much so that I tell anyone with chronic pain to look you guys up. Did I mention that I even have the ever doubtful boyfriend also using it now? I might like to buy another so we can sit together on the couch and each do our own treatment." Margo from New York

Achilles Pain Finally Relieved, Thanks To The Achilles T Shellz Wrap

"My Achilles Tendenosis was amazingly relieved after a couple of months of treatment. I had had significant discomfort for over a year." Anne from Arkansas

Shoulder T Shellz is Invigorating

"This is my second week of using the Shoulder T Shellz Wrap. I find it very invigorating, comfortable, and it seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. I have no ordinary pain except when stretching in positions that are uncomfortable. However since I have been told that surgery is my only option and due to my age, I will continue to use the Wrap, do active movements, and see what happens. I have always believed in anything natural and was told by my acupuncturist that I needed to build it (muscle) up and needed to get blood and oxygen to the area." Shirley from Florida

My Review For the Leg T Shellz Wrap - a Wonderful Investment

"It has worked amazing for me so far and I’ve realized quite the change. Typically after an intense workout my hamstrings become very stiff and it makes it very uncomfortable for me to move."

"I began using the T shellz wrap before and after workouts and I no longer had a stiff feeling! You have to understand the relief as I’ve been dealing with this injury for five years, initially I had no idea, until it progressed and I realized the stiffness in my leg wasn’t due to being sore.

"I’m 100% positive it’s due to the T shellz wrap, one reason being that I would move it around to my lower hamstring near my knee, and then my upper hamstring. I definitely realized I missed my lower butt as this was the only spot left stiff because your product wasn’t used. Needless to say I love this!"

"My active movement sessions were expensive, I absolutely hate stretching because of how uncomfortably stiff I was, working out was no longer fun because I couldn’t push as much as I wanted. Which was a big heart breaker because every time I was in my mojo to go to the gym my progress would just slump right back down because I had to focus on “recovering” my leg."

"Thank you! This is the best investment I’ve made." Aileen from Arizona

Quite Pleased With The Elbow T Shellz Treatments

"So far I am very pleased with this product (Elbow T Shellz) and my treatments. Planning on continuing with them for the 60 day trial period. Thank you for checking in." Linda from Kansas

Doing Well With The Leg T Shellz - A Review

"My treatment with the T Shellz Leg Wrap is going along well. I definitely feel the heat to the affected area and I believe it is working." Tom from Washington

My Chiropractor Noticed My Improvement With The T Shellz

"So far so good. I have sciatica along with a twisted leg. I noticed my legs aren't as sore at night. I'm on the 2nd setting and use it about 4 times a day. I'm also working with my chiropractor and he's noticing an improvement too." Diane from Michigan

Definitely Helping My Husband's Knee

"I purchased the Knee T Shellz for my husband who injured his knee. He has been using the treatment regularly since that event. He truly believes it helps him. He is very happy with the purchase." Leigh from Hawaii

Seeing Progress With Shoulder T-Shellz

"Thank you for your note. So far, things are progressing and I am pleased with the product." James from Illinois

The T Shellz Wrap Makes My Wrist and Hand Feel Amazing

"I am on my sixth day using the Wrist T Shellz wrap and I am so very happy! I am using this because my hand doctor wants to do fusion on my wrist. I cannot explain what is happening while I am using the wrap, but my hand feels so amazing!" Anne from New Jersey

Shoulder T Shellz Testimonial - Impressed With The Fast Results

"I started using the wrap last Tuesday and I feel better. I’m using it once daily. So far I’m impressed as long as the relief continues at this pace." Fatima from Virginia

Great Help For Hip Pain

"A skeptic at first, I discovered using the energy wrap helped heal the bursitis." Susan from Florida

Elbow T Shellz Wrap Review: It Was My Best Option

"This wrap saved me from elbow pain when nothing else did. Great product! I will probably be buying a shoulder one for my boyfriend soon too. Thank you!! Jaime from Illinois

Achilles T Shellz Review: Big Difference Maker

"I have used and enjoyed the T Shellz Wrap for my Achilles for about 3 or 4 weeks. I have gotten amazing results from the product and it has been a real difference maker for me! I was dealing with bi-lateral Achilles Tendonosis and it was AWFUL for 8 Months! Active movements DIDN'T WORK! But the T Shellz Wrap was a real game changer! I was walking Pain Free and it was Unreal how well I felt!" Eric from Michigan

Knee T Shellz Wrap Testimonial - Great Results and Lots of Versatility

"I have been using the T Shellz wrap on my knee AND the sciatica I have in my glutes. My pain is significantly less in my knee and I am close to having no sciatica! I'm so happy and can hardly believe that I'm almost pain free!!!" Pamela from Colorado

I Have Purchased 6 T-Shellz Wraps - I Love Them!

"WOW...Not only do the T Shellz Wraps work wonders, your company MendMeShop is top-notch and takes care & provides genuine concern for all their customers. I fully appreciate your quick response to my requests. Thank you very much! A loyal customer (who has purchased 6 T-Shellz Wraps: Back-Hip x 2, Leg, Plantar, Wrist, Achilles)." Jennifer from California

My Knee Is Improving Very Well with the T-Shellz Wrap

"I did a lot of reading leading up to the T Shellz Wrap and the possibility of it providing healing and recovery. So far, so good. It is a slow process and I expected that. Before I got the wrap, I could barely walk. It came at a great time. Now I still have some pain but i see the light at the end of the tunnel type philosophy. I walk better. I have been able to cut the grass twice. We will see if it takes me all the way. I would say the product seems to be working. I am comfortable to say this is a great product and I am recovering at a wonderful pace." Sherwen from Illinois

Leg T Shellz Review: Improving Quickly

"I have experienced very good relief for my hamstring tear. I started to notice a difference in about 2 weeks of use. The tear is healing faster ( according to physical therapist) so I should be fully mended in total time of 9 weeks. I use the pad twice daily in the morning and evening. I am very satisfied with the T Shellz pad." Gerry from Ohio

Good Improvement So Far With the Knee T-Shellz Wrap

"The Knee T Shellz seems to be working very well. Saw good improvement in knee. Knee still feels weak but not collapsing like it used to. I like the product." Gerald from Pennsylvania

Leg T Shellz Helped Better Than Anything Else I Tried

"Your wrap has helped my left leg when nothing else helped for an entire year."

"The physical therapist gave me exercises which made the muscles tighter and more painful. The lateral muscles were very, very tight and painful from hip to ankle, and this made for significant knee pain when walking. Even though the pain and tightness is nearly gone, it comes back after exercise, so I'm continuing to use the T-Shellz." Sue from California

Both T Shellz Wraps Seem To Be Helping

"Very good of you to inquire. Feels helpful and timer is a good feature. I'll keep using both items (Leg T-Shellz and Plantar T-Shellz)." Meredith from Oregon

I Continue to Recommend The Leg T Shellz Wrap

"I think the product is well worth the money and I've recommended it to two fellow tennis players, both of whom are doctors and interested."

"In my case, my hamstring was giving me trouble for about a month. I purchased your product and began treatments, 3 a day. I followed the instructions and after 5 days, increased the level to two."

"I noticed immediate relief from pain and soreness. I was still not able to play after about 8 days treatment. I then added deep tissue massage to the treatments and after 4 30-minute sessions, I think I'm back to form."

"I'm traveling to Asheville NC this week to play in the 55+ sectionals." Robert from Mississippi

Happy With The Sesamoind T Shellz Treatments So Far - A Review

"I'm happy with the treatments so far. It's been less than two weeks since I've begun treating a long-term ankle ligament and plantar fasciitis problem. I have already noticed moderate benefits." David from North Carolina

Fitness Professional is a Believer in the Knee T Shellz Wrap

"So far I have had great results! I was skeptical about the cost initially but I am a fitness professional and need my body to function well and pain free. I used the wrap in conjunction with ice at first which worked well. Thank you!" Camille from Florida

Impressive Results With Sesamoid T Shellz Wrap - My Review

"I was diagnosed with bilateral capsulitis (both feet inflamed ball of foot) I was unable to walk or bear weight for 2-1/2 weeks. I finally got to see a podiatrist and he ok’d my use of this device. The very first day I used it, I was able to put my feet flat on the floor after Weeks of being incapacitated Today, day 2, I’ve used the device a few more times, I am able to walk again, albeit in my running shoes. I feel so hopeful that I’ll be back to normal at some point. This really worked for me. Nothing else brought any relief. My husband was shocked to see me walking around all of a sudden. Thank you for the T-Shellz!" Lauren from New York

Happy With The Early Results From The Knee T Shellz Wrap

"I can tell a big difference from the short time I have been using it (Knee T Shellz). It is a great investment." Linda from Pennsylvania


This Shoulder T Shellz Wrap Really Helps!

"It has helped me tremendously. Thank you for your support." Laura from Arkansas

No More Stubborn Shoulder and Back Pain

"The shoulder T shellz wrap decreases the stubborn pain in my right shoulder/arm and improves my right arm movements. I sleep well during the night and no longer need use my heating pad. The hip & back t shellz wrap also works well. I suffer less pain and can walk without cane or walker now. Everything is on the way to recovery. Thanks to your wonderful products. Thank you for your help and service." Beatrice from California


Father and Son Benefiting from the T Shellz Wraps for the Wrist and Plantar Fascia

"We are permanent customers and we share your products with our children. Kurt injured his wrists doing fencing work on the farm with Dave and your Wrist T-Shellz wrap has made a big difference for him. This is a relief, as he is in dental school and will need strong wrists for his work. Thank you for your great products!" Laura from Missouri