Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap

  • The Back/Hip TShellz Wrap®: Versatile & Effective!

    We designed the Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap with versatility in mind. Many back and hip issues are caused by or lead into overcompensation issues - placing extra stress in other regions of the body. As an example, those with a hip injury will shift their weight to the opposite side of the body to protect the injured hip. As a result, tightness and constriction will be first experienced in the lower back and eventually travel down to the gluteal area and into upper leg (hamstring and/or IT Band).

    As the Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap runs for 30 minutes in duration per session, you can use the device on the Hip for 15 minutes and then reposition on the lower back or gluteal area for another 15 minutes. Save time and money by using one device to treat all the aforementioned issues.

    Perhaps you have chronic back pain in the L4/L5 region which leads to tightness in the Piriformis muscle as a result of overcompensation factors. In these cases, the sciatic nerve is very prone to becoming pinched. When that happens, you will experience the shooting pains and numbness that can travel the length of the leg. Once again, the versatility of the Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap will allow you to treat the lower back for 15 minutes and the Piriformis muscle for 15 minutes - helping to alleviate your back and sciatic nerve pain!

    Finally, back and hip issues will affect your gait and posture. You may experience tightness in the mid and upper back regions as a result. If that happens, simply drape the T-Shellz Wrap around the upper and then the mid back regions for 15 minutes each per session to relax and soothe those aching muscles.

    In addition, you do not want to over-rely on the use of cold compression therapy. Cold therapy is designed to reduce blood flow to tendons by constricting the vessels. If you constantly reduce blood flow to the tendon, that tendon can potentially take much longer to heal. Cold therapy treatments can certainly help alleviate short term bouts of inflammation, but once again, a focus on healing is needed for long-term success and this requires getting consistent blood flow to the tendon consistently (which is where the T-Shellz Wrap comes into use).

    SIZE: Fits Around a Circumference of between 28 and 48 Inches - Adjustable With The Velcro Straps.

    We guarantee Your Satisfaction with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    The T-Shellz Wrap is based on Electromagnetic Energy - an energy found to be very beneficial during the healing process. This form of energy is designed specifically to penetrate into deep tissue where much of the energy is converted to heat. This is why we refer to the Tshellz Wrap as a "deep heat" device. Deep heat serves as a catalyst for soft tissue healing.

• Targeted treatment for the upper, mid or lower back, groin, and hip.

• Can be used before exercise to warm up the area, helping reduce the risk of injury. Heat increases flexibility & length of tendons and muscles,  temporarily reducing re-injury risk.

• FDA Registered medical device for use in home or clinics - very high quality.

• The TShellz Wrap provides deep heat, which the body responds to by increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow enhances the healing rate - saving time and money when associated with extended doctor or physical therapist visits

• The TShellz Wrap is an outstanding tool for post-surgery rehabilitation, getting you back to work faster.

The Back-Hip T-Shellz for Back Pain

Pretty much any soft tissue condition in the back or hip will benefit from T-Shellz Wrap Treatments, including sciatica:

Compression of the sciatic nerve can occur in various locations and the exact cause and location is not always known. Treating the symptoms can be helpful to manage the pain but treating the source of the compression will result in faster sciatica relief. We recommend that you see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and to determine the cause of the compression on the sciatic nerve.

The Back/Hip T•Shellz Wrap® is designed to safely generate the same energy that is part of the sun's spectrum of light, the same energy that is necessary to all living things for optimum health. The energy emitted from the Energy Pad stimulates blood flow to your lower back and hip, more than your body would ever be able to generate on it's own, giving your body the boost it needs to keep your spine and lower back muscles as healthy as possible and reduce the risk of irritation, inflammation and herniation. The soothing energy reaches deep into your body to whisk away the toxins and dead cells, and rejuvenate your muscle tissues for improved elasticity.

Since you are reading this, you probably know that sciatica will alter you body mechanics. Adjustments to your gait from sciatica can wreak havoc on your knees, hips and lower back due to overcompensation. Recovery takes a longer time for such chronic (long term) injuries, but proper healing is essential to regain strength and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

The longer your injury endures, the greater the risk of running into serious overcompensation injuries and a permanent change in gait.

snapping hip syndrome diagram

The Back-Hip T-Shellz Wrap for Hip Pain

Soft tissue hip conditions will benefit from treatment with a T-Shellz Wrap - some of the most common ailments including snapping hip syndrome, ITBS, bursitis, labrum tears, tendinitis, muscle strain, osteoarthritis, hip pointer injuries, and piriformis syndrome.

The treatment for snapping hip syndrome should focus on resting your hip and reducing inflammation to relieve pain.

Physical therapy can assist you in stretching the gluteus maximus tendon and IT band if they are tight. If the gluteus maximus tendon or iliotibial tract have thickened, frayed and/or become inflamed you can treat the injury to heal your tissue and repair the cause of your snapping hip syndrome.Once swelling is reduced with application of a Cold Compress or Ice Pack, treating the gluteus maximus tendon and IT band injury with a Back/Hip T•Shellz Wrap® will speed healing due to increased blood circulation. This should help alleviate the symptoms of snapping hip syndrome quite quickly as soft tissue in the irritated muscles and tendons begin to heal. In most cases, utilizing home conservative treatments such as a Cold Compress or Ice Pack and the T•Shellz Wrap®, combined with rest will heal or -at minimum- reduce the severity of snapping hip syndrome in a big way.

In severe cases of snapping hip syndrome, surgery may be required to trim the catching piece of labrum, remove a loose piece in the joint, or lengthen the tendon that is too tight.