Leg-Arm T-Shellz Wrap

  • The Leg/Arm TShellz Wrap®: Versatile & Effective!

    The versatility of the Leg T-Shellz Wrap is fantastic. Most individuals who are dealing with leg muscle injuries will experience pain and discomfort in more than one area. As an example, an injury to the Hamstrings or IT Band will cause you to shift weight off the injured leg and to the opposite side of the body. This can result in more pressure on the quadriceps muscles on that same opposite side.

    The fact that the T-Shellz can operate for 30 minutes per session would allow you to treat the Hamstrings or IT Band for 15 to 20 minutes and then subsequently treat the quadriceps for an additional 10 to 15 minutes. Save time and money by consolidating treatments when dealing with overcompensation issues. Believe me, you will still achieve a very effective and full treatment when using the T-Shellz Wrap for 15 minutes.

    In addition, an injury to one Hamstring muscle will lead to tightness and stress in the supporting Hamstrings muscle group. Many will experience pain or discomfort in both the upper and lower portion of the hamstrings. Once again, the Leg T-Shellz Wrap will give you the ability to focus treatment on two different areas during a single treatment session. You can treat both the upper and lower portion of the Hamstring muscle group for 15 minutes each.

    In addition, you do not want to over-rely on the use of cold compression therapy. Cold therapy is designed to reduce blood flow to tendons by constricting the vessels. If you constantly reduce blood flow to the tendon, that tendon can potentially take much longer to heal. Cold therapy treatments can certainly help alleviate short term bouts of inflammation, but once again, a focus on healing is needed for long-term success and this requires getting consistent blood flow to the tendon consistently (which is where the T-Shellz Wrap comes into use).

    SIZE: Fits Up To a Circumference of 23 Inches - Adjustable With The Velcro Straps.

    We guarantee Your Satisfaction with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    The T-Shellz Wrap is based on Electromagnetic Energy - an energy found to be very beneficial during the healing process. This form of energy is designed specifically to penetrate into deep tissue where much of the energy is converted to heat. This is why we refer to the Tshellz Wrap as a "deep heat" device. Deep heat serves as a catalyst for soft tissue healing.

• Targeted treatment for the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, biceps, triceps and forearms.

• Can be used before exercise to warm up the area, helping reduce the risk of injury. Heat increases flexibility & length of tendons and muscles,  temporarily reducing re-injury risk.

• FDA Registered medical device for use in home or clinics - very high quality.

• The TShellz Wrap provides deep heat, which the body responds to by increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow enhances the healing rate - saving time and money when associated with extended doctor or physical therapist visits

• The TShellz Wrap is an outstanding tool for post-surgery rehabilitation, getting you back to work faster.

When you are physically active you probably notice that your blood is pumping harder. Your heart is increasing blood flow to deliver more oxygen to starved muscles, as well as take away waste materials (metabolic byproducts such as lactic acid) so they don't start collecting in your soft tissue. If your blood flow cannot keep up with your activity, your muscles tire and waste materials will build up, causing temporary weakness and soreness in the overused muscle groups. It is a very practical example of why blood flow is important; the best athletes generally have the best and most efficient circulatory system. They can keep going (ie. riding a bicycle up a mountain in the Tour De France) when others simply cannot.

The increased flow of blood via the deep heat effect from a TShellz Wrap is much the same as would be gained from physical activity, only it occurs in the localized treatment area rather than the whole body. Electro-Magnetic Energy from the TShellz Wrap is absorbed at the injury area, inducing blood flow exactly where you need it most.